Tutor Led Training

We have a wide range of courses ready to go – on their own or as part of a co-ordinated programme.  If you need something a little different, we can tailor individual courses or develop new ones for your specific circumstances.

Training with TLC can be as individual or flexible as you require.  We design the course around your needs – not our own.

Our leadership courses can stand alone, but many will benefit from our integrated programmes accredited to the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Whatever development needs your staff have, TLC can provide a solution – or find someone who can!

Online Training

TLC can help the motivated individual to develop through self-learning with our online training – an excellent way to deliver key subjects when and where the learner chooses.  The modules can be of general interest, or to meet specific needs.

Our advanced record-keeping system helps with regulatory obligations by providing evidence of training and attainment – all modules are assessed and certified.

Online training also forms a key part of TLC’s blended learning approach – a way to use all the advantages of a range of training techniques.

Insights Discovery

Self-awareness is key to the success of every individual, and that’s exactly what Insights Discovery delivers. A better understanding of self and others means that relationships at work can become vehicles for, not barriers to, business success.

Insights Discovery is for anyone who:

  • Needs to understand the impact of their personal style
  • Wants to have effective relationships with their colleagues
  • Hopes to achieve success through building strong partnerships
  • Is striving to improve communications and minimise conflict

Insights Discovery is psychometric tool built to help people understand themselves and others, and to make the most of relationships at work.

The Insights Discovery methodology uses a simple and memorable four colour model to help people understand their style, their strengths and the value they bring to the team.