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TLC’s Sue Gee is due to deliver workshops in Malta in June.

Further update to what’s happening in Malta.  Dates are now sorted for my next visit on Monday 5th June.  I’m really looking forward to delivering the half day time management and effective communication workshops.  These are two extremely popular courses here in the Isle of Man and are workshops that all staff need.  Communication is the foundation of everything we do whether we are at MD level or junior staff level.  Whether we realise it or not we all get into bad habits, such as thinking about what we want rather than what our audience is looking for and communicating in a way that works for us rather than thinking about what works for our audience.  Never mind the assumptions that we make about the audience’s knowledge, commitment, their own feelings on the subject/person etc.  So attending a 2 hour refresher is only ever time well spent.

Which leads into the other workshop on time management which cuts across subjects such as do we really value our time or give it away? Do we prioritise properly? How do many of our items become urgent and important and why? How can we get to the end of the day and know that it has been well spent?  This workshop looks at all these things and I can promise anyone that attends they will without a doubt come away with actions to save some of their valuable time.

Click on the links above to view the course outlines should anyone wish to have a look as we have these on our open schedule here in the IOM as well in May/June.

Finally, to say, one of my favourite parts of my job is meeting new people and helping them find solutions to their staff training issues and offering them both bespoke and open solutions.  I am really looking forward to meeting new clients, giving them the TLC story (I cannot believe that we are now in our 14th year) and hoping to replicate some of what we offer in Malta.

I wouldn’t be fibbing if I didn’t also say that I am looking forward to a little bit of sun should I be able to find a moment or two to bask in it…….

Sue Gee

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