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Sue Gee visits Malta

Recently I was invited to train in Malta and wow what a fabulous island Malta is! Fantastic culture, the people are very welcoming, great restaurants as well as beautiful weather.  I spent one day delivering bespoke training to an IOM company with a branch in Malta on the subject of the client experience, communication and the impact all staff have on relationship selling. What a lovely group of people, very welcoming and receptive.  I really hope to do more work with this group in the future.

The week got even more interesting as after a meeting with a new contact (a friend of a friend, which is how life works sometimes,) she asked me to deliver an inspirational session to a group of 17 year olds studying business studies on the subject of motivation.  Now that was both fun and very satisfying.  The opportunity to support the younger generation with new ideas and concepts is one of the reasons I love my job so much.

Life didn’t quiet down even after that.  I spent a couple of days meeting new and existing clients to find out how they would take to TLC delivering some open workshops in Malta.  What a fantastic reception I got to that idea……….. so watch this space.  I am due to visit Malta again the first week in June when I shall be delivering 2 open workshops:  time management and then effective communication.  So life at the moment is very exciting!

Ps, I’m also looking forward to a bit more of that lovely sunshine and a possible cocktail at the end of the day.

If you would like to get in touch about training opportunities in Malta or anywhere for that matter then please contact me