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Client Testimonial – Diane Kelsey, Old Mutual International

After 23 years as a leader in HM Forces, I was keen to understand what was different in the Financial Services and commercial company world. I also wanted to refresh my skills and very specifically undergo the same Leadership and Management training as my colleagues within the company. Sue Gee’s 3-day Introduction to Leadership and Management course did not disappoint on any aspect. Her analogy of the bus driver and the journey we’re all on would be easily recognised by members of the military and Civil Service in my ‘old’ world. Leadership skills are broadly the same in whatever environment you find yourself when you are charged with the responsibility for a team (or raising a family) as you build trust and respect through working in partnership with others. I took many lessons and learning points from listening to Sue and colleagues in the room – some of whom I didn’t know well before. The team spirit within our group grew over the 3 days we learnt together.

The time invested in Leadership and Management training could be considered significant by some but my argument would be that it was time well spent at all levels, be they: Corporate, Professional or Personal. The value of everyone (across, what was for our company, a number of cohorts) experiencing the ‘Gee Force’ cannot be over-emphasised. Our company is already seeing the benefit of having a consistent and well-understood approach to leading and managing teams. I would recommend this programme to all companies and individuals looking to unpick and better understand the motivation of teams and the essential skills and behaviours required of their leaders.